Lucid Acadia 16
Lucid Acadia 16

Lucid Acadia 16

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The design of hearing amplification products is to give sound waves a boost so your ears can better process what you are hearing. However, amplification without clarity only makes things worse, which is why the 16 channels available on the Lucid Acadia 16 represents a significant improvement over common amplification devices. Equipped with a dynamic directional microphone, the Acadia 16 picks up a broad spectrum of sounds around you, and then those sounds are refined and defined using feedback cancellation, environmental noise reduction, speech in noise enhancement and sudden impulse noise suppression.

Connectivity with iPhone devices allows direct streaming of telephone conversations, television and radio programming and access to direct sound quality from a variety of compatible devices, improving its user-friendliness and enhancing your ability to customize your hearing experience.

Product Features

• 16 channels SIE/RIC
• 4 programs
• Digital learning volume control
• Dynamic feedback cancelled
• Enhanced speech in noise
• Environmental noise reduction
• Sudden impulse noise suppression
• Liquid repelling Nano coating
• Low battery indicator
• Data logging
• Dynamic directional microphone
• Bluetooth LE (the most advanced Bluetooth technology available)
• Wind and environmental noise suppression
• Low level noise suppression
• Voice prompts
• Made for iPhone accessibility functionality
• Made for iPhone streaming (all sound from the iPhone to the hearing aid)
• Made for iPhone Live Listen (remote mic through iPhone)

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