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Following conversations can be a challenge when you are losing your hearing. The absence of higher frequency sounds, especially the voices of women and children, create issues when it comes to grasping meaning.

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MyEars gives you access to everything that you need to achieve better hearing, My Ear Store is a one-stop shop for all your hearing needs.

From amplification and personal sound amplifying products (PSAP) for people needing a little extra help through to cleaning and maintenance products for existing hearing aid wearers to help them to protect their investment and achieve the best possible performance.

With highly competitive pricing, fast delivery and everything that you could need, you’ve found your go-to place for all your hearing needs.

About Us

MyEarStore is an online provider of hearing aids and accessories, operating under the trademark brand name MyEars. Our website offers a wide range of hearing aids, from in-the-ear models to behind-the-ear devices, as well as accessories such as batteries, cleaning tools, and other products designed to improve the experience of using hearing aids.

MyEars is part of The House of Hearing family, which is committed to providing high-quality hearing care and products to people with hearing loss. With the convenience of online shopping, MyEarStore makes it easy for individuals to browse and purchase hearing aids and accessories from the comfort of their own homes.